Guardian Ad Litem, Parenting Coordinator, and Mediation

What is it?

Guardian ad Litems (GALs), Parenting Coordinators (PCs), and Mediators are third parties that may be involved in your case with the ultimate goal being dispute resolution.  Our attorneys have years of experience serving as GALs, PCs, and mediators.  As litigators, we also have experience working with clients who may be involved with GALs, PCs, and mediators as part of on-going court-involvement.

Massachusetts courts may appoint a guardian ad litem (GAL) in a number of family law cases involving the care and custody of children. A GAL serves as an investigator and/or evaluator between two conflicting parties and presents the court with a plan for a child’s care and custody.

Either by agreement of the parties or by court order, a parenting coordinator may be appointed in your case.  Parenting coordinators seek to reduce conflict in exercising a parenting plan.

Parties may also agree to attempt to resolve a dispute without the stress and emotional toll of taking a case to trial through mediation. At their core, GAL, parenting coordination, and conciliation work are all focused on promoting the best interests of children.

What You Can Expect from SD Law

Our attorneys have been trained as GALs, PCs, and Mediators. We are recognized for our ability to handle family disputes with the tact that challenging situations require. Our experience and education in social work and the social sciences give us an insight into the nuances of family conflicts, especially when it comes to parenting. This experience sets us apart from similar firms in that it positions us to understand our clients’ issues on a deeper level.

Effectively navigating a legal dispute requires a deep appreciation for – and awareness of – the human issues surrounding that dispute. As such, our understanding of the various issues impacting families and leading to disputes enables us to take a comprehensive, holistic approach to our clients’ challenges.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Guardian ad Litem
  • Parenting Coordinator
  • Mediation


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